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Crafted with Care

Each and every candle and soap bar are hand mixed and poured to ensure quality and care (and an extra ounce of love and kindness) go into each product. 


Hi, I'm Natasha, aka Nat, and I own and operate FNQ Gifts, with the help and assistance of my family and friends (you may have seen them helping take care of my daughters at the markets). As a FIFO partner and Stay at Home Mum, I needed to do something of my own to keep my sanity. Because raising children is hard, especially when your spouse works away most of the time. So what started as a candle-making hobby has now become a fully-fledged business, with new products being added to our range regularly. 

As a small business, I am able to choose suppliers based on their environmental and ethical views. Which means a lot to me and my family.

My candle and soap products are hand mixed and poured, and are vegan friendly. I recently learned that the soy wax industry isn't as eco-friendly as they seem and made the switch to a wax that better reflects my core values. I now use a high quality olive wax in my candle products which is a natural and sustainable resource, burns clean AND holds fragrance better!


And for every order shipped, I send a guy named Gary to hug a tree. So Gary’s been pretty busy. (Just kidding; but I do choose to ship with Sendle who make every shipment carbon neutral).

I am lucky to call beautiful Far North Queensland home, so I'm committed to being sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethical. Not just for you, but for my family and the place we love to call "home".

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